About Debbie Craig

Debbie has over 18 years’ experience in the field of strategy, leadership development, change management, talent management, high performance teams and organisational development. She has worked and consulted at leading local and global organisations in the private and public sector throughout Southern Africa and internationally in the UK, Australia, South East Asia, China, South America and the USA. Debbie is a skilled strategist, design architect, team builder, a powerful facilitator, change agent and executive coach. Her passion is transformation and empowerment which she facilitates through individual coaching and empowerment workshops, team-development workshops, corporate training and consulting assignments and organisation wide strategic change interventions. Debbie is the founder and Managing Director of Catalyst Consulting which she has grown into a successful consulting company with her business partners and associates. She is a registered Master HR Professional through the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) and an Executive Professional Member through the IPM. Debbie has published 3 books; Accelerated - Learning for brekathrough results, “I am Talent”: guide to optimising potential and career aspirations and “I am Alive”: a guide to personal empowerment. She has also written numerous articles, appeared on radio talk shows, presented at conferences and does public talks.

Realigning the HR Strategy at On the Dot

On the Dot identified the need to realign their HR strategy and energize their HR team. Catalyst developed and implemented a process to: Drive and improve HR team engagement; energize the team towards future strategy; Reignite the team’s passion to succeed; Reinforce values and leadership behaviours and a culture of accountability; and Encourage cross-team collaboration.

Creating a high-performance culture at HEINEKEN SA

On 28 July 2015, Diageo and Heineken announced that it will prematurely end the distribution joint venture in South Africa. As expected, this decision brought exciting opportunities, new challenges and multiple changes to Heineken. A new management team took control of the reigns in February 2016. Having witnessed the impact culture has on organisational performance, they appointed Catalyst to develop […]

Strategic Alignment for Paramount Industrial Holdings

Earlier this year we facilitated a strategic and leadership alignment session for 40 of the senior leaders in the Paramount Group to assess both the external and internal environment and develop strategic plans to respond proactively to these trends, threats, risks and opportunities. We adapted a strategic conversation approach from The Fox Trilogy and used some of the tools from […]

Drivers of Success – The “X Factor of Talent”

What is that special “mojo” that seems to characterise the high flyers and high performers in all walks of life? From our perspectives in working with talent, we would like to outline a number of critical drivers which top talent have intuitively built into their own recipes for success. We believe they are important for delivering results, unleashing talent […]


I love my country

I have been watching the news surrounding our political and economic landscape and characters with a heavy heart and mixed feelings. I really love my country and all the amazingly diverse, talented, creative and passionate people that I come into contact with daily. I see a country’s potential being systematically destroyed through the corruption, greed and […]

A Growth Mindset

Many of our Catalyst transformation projects require the need for our clients to change approaches, behaviours mindsets and learn new skills for enhanced performance and impact. As consultants we also need to be really curious, open to new information and ideas and willing to continuously reassess and reinvent ourselves in different environments to find that ideal match of solution […]

Meet The Modern Learner

Are your training programs speaking to the modern learner?
“Millennials comprise over 30 per cent of today’s workforce with the percentage growing each year. Millennials have just surpassed Gen Xers as the largest generation in U.S. labor force. (U.S. Census Bureau data). This is a substantial group of people who have grown up in a world very different from the […]

Change… Are you ready for it?

Are your managers and HR team change ready and change resilient?

This year seems to have taken off at full-speed with most people I know juggling multiple demands and trying their utmost to prioritise daily or often hourly. It is becoming more and more difficult to find a healthy work-life balance, with many people running ragged, working on transformation projects […]

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    Transforming culture through personal and career empowerment

Transforming culture through personal and career empowerment

New mind-sets and skills required for a shifting landscape and an emerging workforce

The world of work is shifting from traditional and predictable career paths, to relentless change, leaner structures, evolving roles, global opportunities, portfolio lives and a need to find meaning and purpose through the work we do. This leaves a lot of people uncertain, confused and anxious about […]


By Debbie Craig

2016 has started with some exciting opportunities and some really tough challenges. A serious drought, a sliding Rand, a concerning global economic outlook and local political decisions and tensions are causing much uncertainty and impacting our economic stability and credibility. Simultaneously we continue to explore new business opportunities, alliances and emerging markets that rise out of the […]