About Jean Kilner

Jean Kilner is a senior consultant and has extensive local and international experience in the fields of talent acquisition, talent management, change management and human resources management. She has work experience from South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United states and her exposure has been both operational and strategic in the roles of HR/Operations Manager, Business owner of an Executive Search firm and consultant and facilitator within organizational development interventions.

Shine Up

We are all vitally aware of the conditions within the VUCA world in which we are immersed (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.) In this highly turbulent and competitive workplace, it is obvious that we need to be able to stand out from the crowd to be noticed. Everyone knows that we need to sell ourselves through a relentless focus […]

Building a pipeline of future talent – Workforce planning in action by Jean Kilner

Building a pipeline of future talent – Workforce planning in action  

There is a compelling case for Strategic Workforce Planning, more so now, than ever before. Many sectors experience critical shortages of essential talent, while others struggle to define the shape of the workforce they need in the midst of major and rapid change. Organisations are experiencing huge waves […]

Catalyst in KZN

2015 started off well, as we went straight into a Turnaround Strategy with a manufacturing company.

We were approached by an organization to facilitate a Turnaround Strategy for a company in the manufacturing sector. They were a previously very successful company, however, due to technological changes, cheaper products from the East and an ageing workforce, they felt that it was […]