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TeH_AdMin lives in cyberspace and from time to time provides support to Catalyst in fending off spammers, fixing IT problems and networking issues, updating the website and social media. TeH_AdMin was fixing computers and playing with software when Google was still a beta and occasionally visits The Matrix to get away from it all.

Reinvigorating the Graduate Talent Pipeline

Graduate talent has become a critical talent pipeline for future talent and diversity in our organisations. We at Catalyst, who have extensive experience in the talent space across multiple talent pipelines and industries have been exploring how to create a new narrative around Graduate Recruitment and reinvigoration of the full Graduate to Talent Pipeline to address some of the […]

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What we’ve been up to – A snapshot of winter 2017

Winter this year has been an interesting and diverse mix of projects across our core areas of experience.

We are continuing to add value in the following business areas

Talent management and Executive Succession – our integrated talent journeys and strategic talent reviews are bearing fruit with real data and we are moving into developing both executive succession development plans […]

3 New Offerings for 2017

We’re proud to introduce you to our 3 latest offerings, CatalystCoach, CatalystEnnea and CatalystAssess, each expanding our business in exciting new directions.


We’re launching our coaching offering for existing clients, and to meet the demand for coaching in new clients. We find coaching often supports the core work we do, and represents a natural progression for us in the […]

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We’re Accelerating and Energising Engagement!

We’ve designed and run numerous high energy, high engagement events over the past few years. Ranging from workshops for a dozen people, to conferences with hundreds of delegates. We’ve been having a huge amount of fun, while embedding everything we know about accelerated learning into the design of the events themselves.

Take a look here for an overview of what we […]

Lead from the front for successful culture change

In February 2016 a new management team took over the reins at Heineken SA. Top of the MD’s agenda was to create a unified, high performing culture. Catalyst was appointed to facilitate this transition; what followed was a remarkable journey highlighting the importance leadership and face-to-face engagements play in transforming a culture.

The entire leadership team understood that they needed […]

We’re Catalysing Change

Reflecting on my year in Catalyst, I notice something interesting in how we approach our work and client relationships. Different from how I experienced management consultants in my past life as a corporate employee. On the one hand, we don’t want to work with the same clients, on the same work, for years on end. On the other hand, […]

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Changing the Conversation

As artist Linda Lamb once said “One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.”

I believe we can change the world one conversation at a time. Which one? The one we’re in right now. Too often, business is so caught up in achieving bottom-line growth that people are inadvertently treated as brains-on-sticks. Their humanity an irrelevance, sometimes even […]

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    Breaking barriers with Talent Management at the Imperial Group

Breaking barriers with Talent Management at the Imperial Group

We’ve been on an exciting journey for the past 10 months, working as the strategic talent partners for the Imperial Group. We’re on a journey to embed an effective Talent Management framework with the goal of mitigating people-related risk and optimising opportunities of matching key talent to high leverage roles. We do this by ensuring the right people, with the […]

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    70:20:10 and beyond- How to create an effective learning environment..by Jen Taylor

70:20:10 and beyond- How to create an effective learning environment..by Jen Taylor

Research reveals that when 70% of our learning is experiential, this delivers more ROI on learning, translating into real behavior change and sustainable performance enhancements.

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    Traditional performance management and financial rewards are failing to motivate people… by Tracy Campbell

Traditional performance management and financial rewards are failing to motivate people… by Tracy Campbell

New performance management models have become imperative to improving engagement and retention, innovation and company performance.  Research done by Bersin by Deloitte’s in their Global Human Capital Trends for 2015 indicates that “the transformation of the aging performance management process is long overdue” and that in 2015 “the importance of performance management rose significantly, with 75 percent of respondents […]