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    Singularity Insights Part 1: So why did I travel 25 hours to San Francisco and Silicon Valley??

Singularity Insights Part 1: So why did I travel 25 hours to San Francisco and Silicon Valley??

A few key words say it all: Singularity, Exponential Thinking and Technologies, Innovation, Learning, Abundance, Solving Global Grand Challenges (GGC) Together, 54 Global participants, Interacting with bright minds and proven innovators, Immersion for discovering personal contribution to the GGC …and maybe you could add Napa Valley Wines.

Imagine a world in which we achieve Singularity, in which the boundary between […]

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Reinvigorating the Graduate Talent Pipeline

Graduate talent has become a critical talent pipeline for future talent and diversity in our organisations. We at Catalyst, who have extensive experience in the talent space across multiple talent pipelines and industries have been exploring how to create a new narrative around Graduate Recruitment and reinvigoration of the full Graduate to Talent Pipeline to address some of the […]

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Attracting and retaining talent in the digital economy

We had a small hiccup in our Spring newsletter, if you’re looking for What we’ve been up to, click here


“The War For Talent Is Over, And Everyone Lost” was the headline of an article I read recently from Fast Company (see ref below), describing how most of the power has now shifted from the employer to the talented employee […]

What we’ve been up to – A snapshot of winter 2017

Winter this year has been an interesting and diverse mix of projects across our core areas of experience.

We are continuing to add value in the following business areas

Talent management and Executive Succession – our integrated talent journeys and strategic talent reviews are bearing fruit with real data and we are moving into developing both executive succession development plans […]

A spring in the step – Revive, Reinvent, Renew

After a bit of a cold snap the weather is already warming up and the trees already shooting their first baby green leaves. Spring is a wonderful time of new beginnings, exciting opportunities, refreshing growth and a time for us to shed the layers and heaviness of winter and approach life with a new zest!

As Gary Zukav says, “We […]

“To Be or Not to Be”, Future-fit Jobs and Singularity University

Recently the country was ablaze with excitement, curiosity and apprehension as Singularity University hit South African soil. For those unfamiliar with this establishment, Singularity University is somewhat a symbol of the ‘disruptive future’. Business representatives from around the country piled into the Kyalami Race Track in anticipation of some of the answers to solving tomorrows problems.

A key […]

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Reflections on I Am Talent

We are facing a future that cannot be predicted with any accuracy. How do you plan a career on that premise?

The rapid pace of change in the world is changing how we design our careers. Current technical competence will only get us so far. Even the technical skills needed will be new. “Automated Driving Research Engineer” or “Autopilot Software […]

3 New Offerings for 2017

We’re proud to introduce you to our 3 latest offerings, CatalystCoach, CatalystEnnea and CatalystAssess, each expanding our business in exciting new directions.


We’re launching our coaching offering for existing clients, and to meet the demand for coaching in new clients. We find coaching often supports the core work we do, and represents a natural progression for us in the […]

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Collaborative partnering: it doesn’t just happen by itself…

Catalyst strives to be Collaborative Partners to our clients, a description often bestowed on our consulting engagements and relationships.

But, how does it work, and how do you get there?

Two realities are often at play within the consulting engagements we embark on.  The one talks to the level of definition of problems and currency available from our clients, i.e. whether […]

The Land of Milk and Honey

I’ve been labelled a ‘corporate refugee’.  A term I’m quite liking.  It was during one of my first interactions with Debbie that I came across these words.  Strictly speaking if we unpack the word, one is met with quite an alarming explanation: “Refugee – a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, […]