The last quarter of 2017 has seen a fascinating evolution of our approach as we co-create unique change journeys and solutions in many uncertain, complex environments – often in collaboration with other specialists and technology partners.


We have welcomed Angela de Longchamps into our Catalyst team – Angela brings with her expertise in talent development, accelerated learning and technology enabled learning. We also love her energy, agility, enthusiasm, warmth, humour and can-do attitude.




We have reframed our core capabilities to these 6 areas, often working in an integrated way across them all in a single client environment.


We also continue to nurture innovative collaborative partnerships so that we can offer a leading edge full-service solution. We have also actively participated in sharing our learning in collaborative Learning Circles and on the conferencing circuit.

Some of our recent activity is summarised below –

  • Corporate University Redesign – we are working with one of our clients to reinvent their Corporate University to be more aligned with the future world of work and learning. We are investigating different learning pathways and technological integration that allows for individual learning preferences, connecting peers, mentors and learning support, interactive group learning conversations, free-dives into new environments and challenges to stretch and test thinking and capabilities and access to resources to build required competence that is fit for purpose and person. Watch this space!
  • Talent management and Executive Succession – our approach to identifying potential, talent, successors, readiness and development needs is evolving with the support of some awesome technology partnerships and collaborations. Real time graphic data analysis and filtering enables executives and HC leaders to make informed talent investment decisions to leverage existing talent and manage talent risk. We continue to build our understanding of risk response strategies and accelerating talent readiness and capability building in the most efficient way possible.
  • Building a Corporate Culture and DNA – we are co-creating a journey to engage hearts and minds on a journey to develop what is required to enable disruptive strategies.
  • Reinventing Talent 4.0 Collaboration – a wonderful morning was spent on the first Talent 4.0 cross-industry learning circle – collaborating with well-respected HR and Talent Professionals to accelerate learning and disrupt thinking around how we identify and grow talent for SA and beyond.

  • Assessment, Coaching, Leadership, Teams and Ennea – With our collaborative partnerships with Ennea International, Yellowseed Assessments and our own supervised and quality assured coaching panel, we can now offer a full service, integrated assessment, coaching and development journey. This is working phenomenally in a variety of our client environments. We are really loving the depth of the Ennea International 5 lenses personal report and feedback process as well as the Team Dynamics Day process and customised skills modules.  Contact us for more information.

  • HR Transformation & Capacity Building – we spent a day with 250 HR professionals, building strategies and capabilities to get future-fit fast. It was wonderful to see the process and impact that we have made in partnership with great clients.

  • Talent Talks/Heineken/Catalyst Breakfast – Heineken Culture Transformation stakeholders shared their insights with industry leading HR Professionals as breakfast was served on the rooftop of Heineken Head Office, Sandton. The birds eye view of Sandton and surrounds and crisp morning air set the fresh tone for this sharing.

  • Work 2.0 Africa Conference – Debbie Craig facilitated a round table discussion on the Importance of EQ in HR Strategy in a breakaway session with delegates at this conference. There was so much interest in the topic and a wonderful networking opportunity.
  • HR Future Conference – Debbie spoke on the importance of building leaders at all levels and shared some client case studies on how to make this happen.
  • SAGEA 2017 Conference – Ursula Fear spoke at this conference on the “transition bridge of graduate development”. Graduate talent has become a critical talent pipeline for future diversity in our organisations and this is of particular interest to us at Catalyst, as we continue to explore how to create a new narrative around Graduate Recruitment and re-invigoration of the full Graduate to Talent Pipeline.