Winter this year has been an interesting and diverse mix of projects across our core areas of experience.

We are continuing to add value in the following business areas

  • Talent management and Executive Succession – our integrated talent journeys and strategic talent reviews are bearing fruit with real data and we are moving into developing both executive succession development plans AND talent response risk strategies in our key clients. These cover strategic resourcing, accelerated development, transformation and retention strategies.
  • HR Transformation & Capacity Building – our HR transformation and capacity building clients continue to build their capability through co-creating, working alongside each other, action learning, sharing tools and approaches and coaching. We are excited to be initiating a journey to build the organisational DNA of the future through culture, leadership, engagement and EVP strategies and understand their strategic talent issues. All this as a new HR lead from within takes over the reins.
  • HR Alignment & Collaboration – our client is asking us to assist with facilitating group collaboration sessions to find the sweet spot of collaboration and how to make it work in reality through various engagement models, governance structures and ways of working.
  • Leadership Alignment and Development – we have launched a journey to align the leadership team and develop the top 2 tiers of leaders through a process of high performance organisation (HPO) and high-performance team (HPT) diagnostics, assessments, coaching, micro-learning and master-classes.
  • High Performance Teams – we continue partnering with teams in need in a core client environment to build High Performance Teams at all levels – building their ability to review their individual and team impact and have robust conversations and a supportive feedback to grow culture.
  • Performance Management – we have continued with phase 2 of a Performance Management packaging and capacity building process for all HR teams across divisions of a large financial services company.
  • Digital Learning & Knowledge Management – we continue to spear-head a project to develop on-line, interactive toolkits to explain HR to managers and staff.
  • High engagement conferences – Catalyst facilitated a high engagement conference for a large division in the banking industry as part of a journey to shift the culture required.
  • I am Talent – Catalyst is busy facilitating 150 people through I am Talent workshops in a large financial services company. 150 places, 450 bookings and climbing as people share experiences.

Some of the organisations that we are working with in this space include: Imperial Group, BankservAfrica, Santam, HeinekenSA, Massmart Group, Liberty Group, Standard Bank, Landrover Jaguar, First Rand Group, etc.


Talent Talks Africa 2017

Catalyst exhibited as well as ran concurrent Umu sessions in different rooms at the conference on 22nd June at the Riversands Incubation Hub. It was a wonderful day of hearing about latest best practice, case studies and leading-edge thinking, as well as the perfect opportunity to network!



Catalyst was at Turbine Hall on the 18th & 19th July showcasing our client work and results AND working with the LIA team to ensure learning from the conference was engaging, accelerated, collaborative and lasting!.


Debbie was in her element, inventing new ways of accelerating learning in a fun way (what can you do with a  cup, some chopsticks and a lightbulb?) and embedding individual and collaborative learning through reflection and learning journey maps.

The best map, as voted by the audience won an Accelerated Learning Book.





Umu, our interactive, mobile engagement tool, was used for speaker Q&A, surveys and panel discussions for immediate audience engagement AND as a raffle for fantastic prizes. The quality of speakers, creative learning methods, vibe, entertainment and networking was fantastic. If you would like to know more about Umu, please click on the logo below to arrange a demo.

Conference Hub’s Women in HR Summit 2017

Ursula Fear, one of our senior associates spoke at this conference 21st July on the topic of “Creating a learning Culture in readiness for the new world of work. Also look out in this issue for her article entitled “To Be or Not to Be”, Future-fit Jobs and Singularity University.

Catalyst Innovation Hub Days

Our Catalyst community of associates and collaborators meet monthly at our Innovation Hub Days to learn, share, explore and collaborate in order to keep abreast of (and lead) new thinking relevant to our own client and country context. We have been privileged to experience the Ennea 5 Lenses tool and Team Discovery Day for our core team with Eric Albertini from Ennea International, the Cohesion Dialogue 1-day process with Paul Mooney from Cohesion and a strategy day with Ivor Clucas from True North Strategy. It is wonderful to be surrounded by a bunch of like-minded people all thriving on learning and willing to collaborate (and have many robust dialogue sessions) with an abundance growth mindset.

Neuroscience for Leadership Conference with Dr Tara Swart

Four of us from Catalyst were able to attend this conference through BRG with international neuroscientist, leadership coach, award-wining author and medical doctor, Dr Tara Swart.  Topics included Neuroscience explained in an accessible way, applying neuroplasticity to alter mindsets, skills sets and thinking, cultural diversity, innovation, nationalism and the future of technology at work, and your brain on money, gender, diversity and mindfulness. A day rich with insights, “ah ha”s and take-aways.