Dilemma Flipping And 7 Factors Derailing Collaboration


In this fast paced, crazy world of disruptive change and uncertainty, we are faced with many dilemmas that require us to think and act differently in order to navigate uncharted waters and find a way forward. This often requires a BOTH/AND stance and allowing some evolution over time. Some of these that I have faced in my own growing […]

Lead from the front for successful culture change

In February 2016 a new management team took over the reins at Heineken SA. Top of the MD’s agenda was to create a unified, high performing culture. Catalyst was appointed to facilitate this transition; what followed was a remarkable journey highlighting the importance leadership and face-to-face engagements play in transforming a culture.

The entire leadership team understood that they needed […]

Creating a high-performance culture at HEINEKEN SA

On 28 July 2015, Diageo and Heineken announced that it will prematurely end the distribution joint venture in South Africa. As expected, this decision brought exciting opportunities, new challenges and multiple changes to Heineken. A new management team took control of the reigns in February 2016. Having witnessed the impact culture has on organisational performance, they appointed Catalyst to develop […]

Drivers of Success – The “X Factor of Talent”

What is that special “mojo” that seems to characterise the high flyers and high performers in all walks of life? From our perspectives in working with talent, we would like to outline a number of critical drivers which top talent have intuitively built into their own recipes for success. We believe they are important for delivering results, unleashing talent […]


I love my country

I have been watching the news surrounding our political and economic landscape and characters with a heavy heart and mixed feelings. I really love my country and all the amazingly diverse, talented, creative and passionate people that I come into contact with daily. I see a country’s potential being systematically destroyed through the corruption, greed and […]