3 New Offerings for 2017

We’re proud to introduce you to our 3 latest offerings, CatalystCoach, CatalystEnnea and CatalystAssess, each expanding our business in exciting new directions.


We’re launching our coaching offering for existing clients, and to meet the demand for coaching in new clients. We find coaching often supports the core work we do, and represents a natural progression for us in the […]

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We’re Accelerating and Energising Engagement!

We’ve designed and run numerous high energy, high engagement events over the past few years. Ranging from workshops for a dozen people, to conferences with hundreds of delegates. We’ve been having a huge amount of fun, while embedding everything we know about accelerated learning into the design of the events themselves.

Take a look here for an overview of what we […]

Introduction to Realise2

An organisation’s greatest assets are its people’s strengths. But these assets are not well understood or managed. Strength is a pre-existing capacity for a particular way of behaving, thinking or feeling that enables optimal functioning or performance and is authentic and energising to the user. Everyone has strengths. But not everyone is clear about what their strengths are and […]

Employment Equity becoming more onerous?

In January 2014 the Minister of Labour published amendments to the Employment Equity Act of 1998. In total, 27 sections of the Act were amended and these amendments could potentially turn the Employment Equity process in any organization into a very onerous process.

But it need not be…Catalyst Consulting recently assisted one of our clients in the automotive industry to […]