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    Singularity Insights Part 1: So why did I travel 25 hours to San Francisco and Silicon Valley??

Singularity Insights Part 1: So why did I travel 25 hours to San Francisco and Silicon Valley??

A few key words say it all: Singularity, Exponential Thinking and Technologies, Innovation, Learning, Abundance, Solving Global Grand Challenges (GGC) Together, 54 Global participants, Interacting with bright minds and proven innovators, Immersion for discovering personal contribution to the GGC …and maybe you could add Napa Valley Wines.

Imagine a world in which we achieve Singularity, in which the boundary between […]

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“To Be or Not to Be”, Future-fit Jobs and Singularity University

Recently the country was ablaze with excitement, curiosity and apprehension as Singularity University hit South African soil. For those unfamiliar with this establishment, Singularity University is somewhat a symbol of the ‘disruptive future’. Business representatives from around the country piled into the Kyalami Race Track in anticipation of some of the answers to solving tomorrows problems.

A key […]

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Collaborative partnering: it doesn’t just happen by itself…

Catalyst strives to be Collaborative Partners to our clients, a description often bestowed on our consulting engagements and relationships.

But, how does it work, and how do you get there?

Two realities are often at play within the consulting engagements we embark on.  The one talks to the level of definition of problems and currency available from our clients, i.e. whether […]

The Land of Milk and Honey

I’ve been labelled a ‘corporate refugee’.  A term I’m quite liking.  It was during one of my first interactions with Debbie that I came across these words.  Strictly speaking if we unpack the word, one is met with quite an alarming explanation: “Refugee – a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, […]

Slow it down… to speed it up


The month of May brings us into the annual season of Autumn. The time when Mother Nature slows down; animals prepare for hibernation, trees shed their leaves, days begin to shorten, the light changes… all in preparation for the annual cycle of rest and regeneration. Given how our year started, we are in desperate need of this!

This year we […]

Lead from the front for successful culture change

In February 2016 a new management team took over the reins at Heineken SA. Top of the MD’s agenda was to create a unified, high performing culture. Catalyst was appointed to facilitate this transition; what followed was a remarkable journey highlighting the importance leadership and face-to-face engagements play in transforming a culture.

The entire leadership team understood that they needed […]

The Art of The Flip

Year end and the festive season is racing toward us as we aim to finalise, integrate and achieve those real tangible results we all strive for. This year has been a wonderfully abundant year with its fair share of fascinating projects, committed client partners, relentless change, interesting surprises, robust conversations, some disappointments and awesome moments of feeling like we […]

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We’re Catalysing Change

Reflecting on my year in Catalyst, I notice something interesting in how we approach our work and client relationships. Different from how I experienced management consultants in my past life as a corporate employee. On the one hand, we don’t want to work with the same clients, on the same work, for years on end. On the other hand, […]

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Changing the Conversation

As artist Linda Lamb once said “One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever.”

I believe we can change the world one conversation at a time. Which one? The one we’re in right now. Too often, business is so caught up in achieving bottom-line growth that people are inadvertently treated as brains-on-sticks. Their humanity an irrelevance, sometimes even […]

The CAT in Catalyst

I have to confess that by nature I am not a CAT lover. I guess some people are more dog people and others cat people. Which one best describes you?

Sometimes, in a fun, non-scientific manner, I utilise different animal traits to broadly describe personality types. If one thinks of cat qualities, they could include (amongst others):

C –  Curious

A – […]

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