On 28 July 2015, Diageo and Heineken announced that it will prematurely end the distribution joint venture in South Africa. As expected, this decision brought exciting opportunities, new challenges and multiple changes to Heineken.

A new management team took control of the reigns in February 2016. Having witnessed the impact culture has on organisational performance, they appointed Catalyst to develop and implement a culture transformation journey.

We partnered with the MD and HR Executive to co-create a journey that will not only instill ONE company culture, but that includes processes to ensure the sustainability of high-performing behaviours. We are working with an MD that ‘walks the talk’ and the impact of such a visible and committed leader is profound.

In the middle of May we facilitated a workshop attended by their top 50 leaders. This workshop served multiple purposes – to share the overarching company strategy and strategic drivers, introduce the expected behaviours, develop action plans and to empower the leaders to effectively and successfully cascade the vision and operational requirements to all levels of the organisation. It was a remarkable day and as you would expect, we ended the day on a high with a few cold Heinekens.

As you are reading this, we are in the next phase of the facilitating functional sessions. These sessions will reach all employees in the organisation and serve as one of the mechanisms to communicate the vision and articulate how each and every employee contributes towards the achievement thereof.

We are excited about this journey and look forward to continuing working with committed leaders in creating a unified culture characterised by engaged and dedicated employees.