We’re proud to introduce you to our 3 latest offerings, CatalystCoach, CatalystEnnea and CatalystAssess, each expanding our business in exciting new directions.


We’re launching our coaching offering for existing clients, and to meet the demand for coaching in new clients. We find coaching often supports the core work we do, and represents a natural progression for us in the client space. Importantly, we view coaching as a developmental, learning opportunity focused on improvement and future growth, rather than a remedial activity.
We’re extremely excited that Joanne Searle will be heading up this offering as our Master Coach and Coach Facilitator. Jo is a seasoned professional, with the additional benefit of being a CA(SA). Click here to read more about Jo.

Our coaching panel members are being hand-picked, and have the following in common: minimum of 500 coaching hours logged (with references available), currently in regular supervision, and will be certified as a Master Coach with the Institute of Management Coaches and Master Coaches South Africa (IMCSA) within 6 months of joining us.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how our coaching arm can benefit you and your employees.


We’re embarking on an exciting journey as a distributor of the “5 Lens Development Platform” for Ennea International. Our facilitators are being trained, and will be certified to hold personal feedback sessions and run related team processes by the end of the year.

The Five Lenses developmental assessment goes beyond the ‘what’ of behaviour; it exposes the underlying drivers, the ‘why’, and offers a pathway for coaching. This dynamic approach of measuring and reporting on behaviour goes further than any other methodology in terms of taking into account the complexity of human behaviour. Each lens provides self-insight based on a unique model of human development.

The Personal Feedback Report gets pulled through as a thread into various team processes, which lead into a set of essential skills modules. These include: Feedback, Conflict, Trust, Collaboration, Thinking Partners, Resilience.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about what the Five Lens Platform can offer you and your business.


Our assessment offering is already receiving a lot of client interest and traction. We have existing agreements with virtually all the well-known assessment providers, which allows us to “cherry-pick” only the most appropriate and relevant tools, thereby maximising our client’s ROI.

Our integrated reporting is complemented by one-on-one feedback sessions (in-person and Skype options available), or with group feedback sessions to minimise costs. As with all our offerings, we co-create the assessment solution to best suit each client’s needs and budget. We work with existing competency frameworks, proficiency levels, and roles for the purposes of recruitment, role matching, succession planning, and more.

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