In January 2014 the Minister of Labour published amendments to the Employment Equity Act of 1998. In total, 27 sections of the Act were amended and these amendments could potentially turn the Employment Equity process in any organization into a very onerous process.

But it need not be…Catalyst Consulting recently assisted one of our clients in the automotive industry to interpret the amendments of the Act and the impact on their workplace.

An analysis of the current EE practices were done and based on the outcome, a workshop was designed for the newly elected EE Forum. During this 2 day workshop, which included Numsa representatives, staff members and management representatives, the amendments were translated and simplified into “what” and “how”. Actions were co-created and possible methods of implementation were work shopped.  Risks of non-compliance were highlighted to create an understanding of the importance of compliance.

Alongside the workshop, a coaching and mentoring process ensued with the leader of the EE process in the organization. Through practical knowledge sharing and idea generating, an insurmountable challenge became an exciting mission.

As part of the assignment, Catalyst was requested to conduct a survey of EE best practice with local companies. A total of 7 different industries were included in the survey and results were presented in the form of a report. This was subsequently shared with the Executive of our client to obtain buy-in for the important decisions that had to be made.

Legal aspects in the workplace can be seen as daunting and overwhelming but after bringing practical realities into play, it all becomes possible. Most importantly is the mindset and attitude of “it is the right thing to do”, from the executive of the organization to the shop floor employee.

Need assistance with your EE? Let us know and we can share our expertise with you.