Catalyst has a proud track record of being thought leaders in our fields of expertise and we like to share our knowledge and learning with the broader Management, HR and OD communities. To this end we partner with a number of service providers to share platforms where we can present the latest in our thinking and experience.

Over the years we have spoken at numerous conferences and events and below is a list of talks that we have given in the past.

On the topics page you will find links to some of our key presentations and talks that we can also offer to clients. We also do talks on relevant topics at in-house client conferences on request.

Topic Who For Whom When
Crucial Conversations Debbie University of the Free State 2013
Creating & Executing Integrated Talent Management Processes Debbie Conference Hub 2013
Talent Retention – the Engen Case Study Debbie & Celeste Knowledge Resources 2013
Managing Gen Y Talent Debbie Evolve Business Breakfast 2013
Practical approaches to implementing integrated talent management Debbie Conference Hub 2012
HR as strategic capacity builder Debbie IPM SA 2012
Talent Management – A Process Overview Andrew IPM Namibia 2012
Talent Management in Financial Services Debbie Knowledge Resources 2012
Strategic Talent Management Andrew IPM Namibia 2011
Talent & Career Management Andrew IPM SA 2011
I am Talent – The X factor in business John School Principles Conference – ICC 2012
Paradox of Performance John & Debbie SAODN 2012
Crucial Conversations – KR T&D conference Debbie Knowledge Resources 2012
I am Talent – KR Exec PA’s conference Debbie Knowledge Resources 2012
Survive to Alive – FNB women’s day conference Debbie FNB & Hogan x 200 2012
Coaching – personal empowerment to change behaviour Debbie Knowledge Resources – JHB and CT 2011
Innovation in HR Debbie Knowledge Resources 2011
Talent Management – an integrated approach Debbie Knowledge Resources 2010
Talent Development – a holistic view within a talent framework Debbie Knowledge Resources 2010
Competency Management – building organisational and individual competence Debbie & Andrew Knowledge Resources 2010
He Said, She Said – Exploring relationships and you Debbie & Andrew World Alive 2010
Getting what I want – understanding the 7 Aspects of creating a life you love to live Debbie World Alive 2009
Surviving to being Alive – Understanding the 7 Aspects of Self Debbie World Alive 2008