A few key words say it all: Singularity, Exponential Thinking and Technologies, Innovation, Learning, Abundance, Solving Global Grand Challenges (GGC) Together, 54 Global participants, Interacting with bright minds and proven innovators, Immersion for discovering personal contribution to the GGC …and maybe you could add Napa Valley Wines.

Imagine a world in which we achieve Singularity, in which the boundary between humans and machines are becoming indistinguishable, where we are technologically augmented with artificial intelligence and manufactured parts in our brains, bodies, wearables and even in our emotional responses to our reality. Imagine, we live in a world of abundance, where energy, housing, food, water, communication and education is plentiful, affordable and accessible to all. Humanity lives in harmony each contributing with unique strengths and skills to develop this earth and other colonies to ensure space and resources for everyone.

I am idealist! I am an intentionalist! I am a contributor and collaborator!! I am also a pragmatist!!

I believe that we can create the kind of world where all the above is possible, if we believe and work together. I have heard and now seen with my own eyes the kind of breakthrough technology that is changing the world as we know it. AND I know that we have many challenges standing in the way of this idealized future. What better way than to get a bunch of diverse people from all over the world passionate about learning and how they can make a difference in their own contexts and put them in a space together for a few days with input from different thinkers and innovators … and see what emerges….More insights to follow.