I read and explore a lot. I had read about and seen videos on 3D printing, Virtual Reality, Drones, Mind driven bots, brainwave altering devices, driverless cars, talking robots, virtual roaming conference attendee, etc.


Whilst knowledge is powerful and keeps you informed, it is the experience of something that somehow fundamentally shifts how you see the world and your paradigms. Actually flying a drone, having a conversation with Jeremy who was sitting elsewhere but roaming around the conference, getting into a mind-game over who could get a bot to move forward faster with their mind, rescuing a kitten by walking a moving beam on the 20th floor of a building in construction (and actually feeling the vertigo) with virtual reality, experiencing a Virtual Reality psychedelic sound and mind journey, donning space gear and following a rover to implement an emergency evac on Mars, seeing a 3D printer in action, driving in a Tesla car which self-parks and seeing self-driven cars roaming the streets in Palo Alto….just WOW!

I could almost feel my neural networks rewiring during the experience. In addition to the physical experience, there is hearing first hand how these technologies are transforming industries, health, energy, education, etc…with an opportunity to ask questions in breaks with top people in their field.  Combine all of this with robust discussions on how we personally and together can apply these new ideas, emerging technologies both now and in the future using moonshot thinking, future pacing, retrofitting, Futures Wheels, SciFi Design, etc. THIS is what real learning is about and the experiences we need to urgently create for all ages so that we all imagine a different world together and create our future reality with intent and belief!