Year end and the festive season is racing toward us as we aim to finalise, integrate and achieve those real tangible results we all strive for. This year has been a wonderfully abundant year with its fair share of fascinating projects, committed client partners, relentless change, interesting surprises, robust conversations, some disappointments and awesome moments of feeling like we really are living our purpose and intent of shifting minds and organisations to high performance and high engagement.

Two big things stand out for me this year. Flipping the VUCA and Flipping the Classroom

Flipping the VUCA

VUCA has become known to mean Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous which describes the pace of change we live in. To survive and thrive in this world, people and organisations need to flip the VUCA and embrace life and work with Velocity, Unorthodoxy, Collaboration and Agility.

The World has shifted from linear and local to exponential and global. “Organizations must build the capability to adapt to this new world of deep and ubiquitous information and convert it to competitive advantage. They must evolve to manage scarcity, and be structured to address the accelerated, non-linear, web-driven pace of modern life.” The Exponential Organisation

Velocity – we need to think and act with speed and a sense of urgency in responding to the trends coming towards us and the change surrounding us

Unorthodoxy – we need to be creative and imaginative in finding new approaches to solve old and new problems and innovate to seize opportunities in this world of digital disruption and economic and political uncertainty

Collaboration – we need to realise the power (and complexity) of collaboration and reach out to share ideas, build solutions together and explore new business models that cross boundaries and still fairly share the rewards

Agility – we need to be adaptive, responsive and quick to change as circumstances, needs and demands change around us. We need to be curious and willing to experiment and fail fast.

How do we get individuals, teams and organisations to make this shift, adopt new ways and learn new skills in a world where the pace of change and the learning required is accelerating at an exponential pace?

Flipping the Classroom


The only way that we can scale learning and remove the constraints of classroom or expert based learning is to flip the classroom and put the learner in the driving seat. There is so much knowledge, content and people willing to share their knowledge on the world-wide web and in our own organisations. We need to enable this through access, technology, digital platforms, decent bandwidth, guidance, peer to peer connections and encouragement to just get out and do it.

Let us inspire and motivate through providing big questions and worthwhile challenges and then get out of the way, or be a learning journey facilitator or thinking partner that encourages learning, offers feedback, connects people and stimulates new ideas or thinking.  Imagine organisations and a country that displays all the qualities of a flipped VUCA and flipped classroom and creates an agile learning community of contributors and committed citizens – rather than complainers and consumers.

We at Catalyst, believe it is a worthwhile vision and will continue to invest time, energy and focus in partnering with organisations that want to join us in this quest.