cat-1216090_640I have to confess that by nature I am not a CAT lover. I guess some people are more dog people and others cat people. Which one best describes you?

Sometimes, in a fun, non-scientific manner, I utilise different animal traits to broadly describe personality types. If one thinks of cat qualities, they could include (amongst others):

C –  Curious

A – Agile

T – Tactical

Looking back over the past year I have had the privilege of working as part of the Catalyst team in enabling and evolving a change journey in Business and Talent Management at a major national client.

At Catalyst we are blessed to work with innovative, creative, purposeful, positive, passionate, energised colleagues who truly operate collaboratively. We actively practice accelerated learning in the way we work, learn and grow. When reflecting on the principles, theories and models that we espouse and operationalise with our clients, I honestly know we truly mirror such in our own growth trajectories and praxis. OK I admit it… we are CAT like. In fact I have even grown quite fond of the CATs.

At CATalyst we ask Curious questions always seeking ways of accelerating and connecting in the world of complexity. We actively seek answers and solutions. We partner and grow with ours amazing client.

We are equally Agile – literally jumping through loops, doing the impossible and making all possible through engagement and alignment. We energise and are energised. We make projects happen and flex in complex situations and with multiple stakeholders.

Finally, we are Tactical. While cats are strategic hunters, patient and careful in stalking goals, they are tactical in implementing their mission. We too are tactical in the way we anticipate and respond to change challenges faced by our client. We like to meet the business where “it’s at” however still gently nudging and constantly making positive progress towards our clients’ goals.

All in all I guess CATS aren’t too bad! Next year I will purposefully do an “AND” story… instead of choosing between cats OR dogs, I will choose to take on and reflect the positive qualities of both. Wishing my extraordinary, wonderful colleagues and Client a blessed season and a very, very well deserved break!!!