2015 started with a surprising twist. On the 1st January, I went for a hike in the gorgeous Drakenberg mountains to walk off the overindulging gremlins of the festive season. Towards the end of a stunning 3.5 hour hike, I slipped, fell and severely fractured and dislocated my right wrist. I was rushed off to hospital in Pietermaritzburg, had an operation the next morning (bone grafts, pins and plates) and spent the next 3 days in the hospital in a haze of drugs recovering and contemplating how on earth I was going to earn a living, manage a business and look after my family without my right hand.

A month later, my husband’s dad passed away suddenly and the night before the funeral, my step-son had a serious car accident in which his car was written off and he was rushed to hospital (but luckily not seriously injured). Needless to say, we all had to rally our inner resources and resilience to cope with this much unexpected change. 4 months later, I am still undergoing wrist therapy and have about 70% mobility and strength back and hoping that I don’t need another op. We have all been through a myriad of emotions throughout this time, see-sawing from feeling blessed and loved (it could be worse, so much support), to the frustration and fear of being out of control, dependent and uncertain of the future.

What these experiences do bring is the time to reflect and re-evaluate priorities, choices and what drives true happiness and quality of life. It also brings time to focus on different projects and forces greater creativity in how to get things done.

Despite these set-backs, we have still been pretty busy (the mind doesn’t stop working!)

We have been working with a really great HR and Exec team to reinvent their Human Capital strategy, performance architecture and partnership approach. We have facilitated an Executive Level dialogue to explore what is required to get from the current reality to a leadership and culture vision. We have been building capability in leading change and talent management and been coaching leaders in personal effectiveness, influence and impact. We are also developing new ideas and new approaches for Performance Management which is busy dying as we know it, the old way of twice a year appraisals and links to financial reward have been globally acknowledged as being ineffective and have failed to deliver real value to organisations, so things need to change.

We have also been crafting strategies to take Talent Management to a whole new level.

Some new projects include the following:
I am Talent (for personal and career empowerment): we are going on-line and international through www.udemy.com. to make this unique offering available to more people at a significantly lower cost. Now you can download video based sessions of John and Debbie supported by activities, tools and resources. Available in June 2015. We are looking for early adopters at discounted rates. Contact us if you are interested.

Energos: We have also recently partnered with Energos to bring cutting edge data analytics for leadership and culture transformation initiatives with a proven track record in incremental and sustainable shifts in behaviour which can be directly correlated to individual and business unit performance through the data. Build your own leadership capability index and grow your organisation’s leadership capability in the process.

Remember to keep up to date with us on social media and on-line and enter our new rabbit-hole of resources and engagement platform for Accelerated Learning on www.accelerated.co.za to build a community of people interested in learning.

If change and uncertainty is getting you down, focus on your inner and outer resources to gain perspective, strength, resilience, courage and wisdom. Take time out to reflect, re-evaluate and if necessary re-invent you (your thoughts, habits, relationships and life choices). Strive to find a place where you empower yourself through choosing your responses and feelings and don’t fall into the trap of being a victim to circumstances. We always have the power to choose!