Multi-rater Leadership Competency Assessment

From numerous interviews and competency assessments with leaders across the globe, we have distilled 16 critical leadership competencies required to take organisations into the future toward sustainable high performance.

These 16 competencies are required across 4 key areas of leadership effectiveness:

  • Strategic Context & Alignment – this involves conceptual thinking and understanding the business, setting direction, solving problems, building strategic relationships with customers and making decisions.
  • Accountability & Enablement – this involves managing the performance of the business, continuous improvement, project management, keeping functional skills and knowledge sharp, empowering others and holding them accountable.
  • Engagement & Dialogue – this involves engaging the heart through talking, listening, coaching, confronting, building teams and managing change.
  • Personal Effectiveness – this involves managing and balancing own time, priorities, goals, drive and energy for maximum impact and influence.

Each of the competencies contain behavioural descriptors for self-evaluation and/or multi-rater feedback. “Feedback is the breakfast of champions” and is one of the fastest ways of learning, adapting, applying and improving behaviour and results.

Although feedback can bring up fears, our most common feedback from people completing a multi-rater feedback process is “I wish I had got this feedback years ago, it has really opened my eyes, I now know what to concentrate on”.

An important factor is to ensure that your raters are fully briefed, on the importance of the feedback, the honesty required and how it will be used, and a contact person for assistance where required. We also recommend that you sit with your manager, a coach or a friend when reviewing your report for the first time, so that you can discuss reactions, ask questions, internalise the feedback and set plans for further development and improvement.

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Individuals that are interested in building their self-awareness and learning more about their leadership competence may register and complete the multi-rater assessment, although we recommend that this be done with the assistance of a coach for support and debriefing.


  • Individual multi-rater assessment with up to 12 raters – USD $50.
  • For groups larger than 10 people, please contact us for a quote – request quote.
  • Leadership competencies can be customized for organisations with unique competencies.
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