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UMU is a mobile engagement and feedback tool, for “in the moment” sharing of ideas, voting, commenting and rating, emoting and gaming and can accommodate limitless participants. When facilitated by an UMU facilitator, results and feedback are instant. UMU has a simple to use interface, requiring only a smart phone, Wi-Fi/3G and 4 digit pin to join a session.

Umu features a variety of surveys, discussion options, games and Q&A.


So far, UMU has added a dynamic feature to our workshops and conferences in both Catalyst and client environments. Highlights have been capturing the leadership interest in talent management across 150 of the top executives of a large SA employer, engaging on change readiness and feedback on accelerated learning experiences.

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Simdustry’s SimTalent is a Talent Simulation Board Game that brings the key aspects of talent management to life in a fun and interactive way. SimTalent allows participants to compete in teams to make talent assessment and development choices to optimise talent ROI over several business periods. Mimicking real life tasks the participants are able to evaluate each team member based on his / her pre-defined personality / task profile, promote selected team members to new positions & responsibilities and also develop a solid succession plan for the team members and the team leader as well. The simulation not only brings Talent Management to life, but cements the business rationale for investing in talent development and succession planning. Instead of boring powerpoint slides and templates, SimTalent makes learning fun and makes it stick.

Sim 2 Sim talent

We are the proud to be the only SA licensees. For more info regarding SimTalent options for shifting to a talent culture or learning about Talent Management processes and tools contact


We have also recently partnered with Energos to bring cutting edge data analytics for leadership and culture transformation initiatives with a proven track record in incremental and sustainable shifts in behaviour which can be directly correlated to individual and business unit performance through the data. Build your own leadership capability index and grow your organisation’s leadership capability in the process. (See below)

Energos – cutting edge data analytics for leadership and culture transformation initiatives

  • For Leadership this unique, data driven approach identifies client-specific, ‘winning’ behavioural signatures for leadership groups; objectively assesses bench strength using real-time, fast, fun, intuitive, strengths based feedback (building feedback fitness), and gives leaders regular actionable, coaching style feedback anchored in how they compare to ‘what matters’. High precision data mining enables smarter deployment decisions and sharper development efforts.
  • For Culture transformation initiatives using data-driven diagnostic and tracking tools, we rapidly identify those attitudes and behaviours that unleash or constrain successful outcomes for initiatives and change programmes. This approach links interventions with root causes in a rigorous and fact-based way. Measurement is highly targeted with minimal intrusion for the organisation.

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I am Talent (for personal and career empowerment)
We have now run many successful workshops based on our book, I am Talent (guide to personal and career empowerment). To make this unique offering available to more people at a significantly lower cost, we are going on-line and international through Now you can download video based sessions of John and Debbie sharing their talent and career wisdom, supported by activities, tools and resources. Available in Nov 2015. We are looking for early adopters at discounted rates. If you are interested contact

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