THE PRIZM INNOVATION GAME is a complete system for innovative thinking, simultaneously a tool, a method and a map for systematic innovation. It works with real problems to find real solutions immediately and is based on an exhaustive investigation of the problem at hand and Catalyzes the inspiration necessary for innovative thought processes.

The game is played with 6-12 people over a full day, working with cards, questions, colours and symbols through a phased approach to a final top 3 prioritised ideas that meet the key criteria for successful innovation. Its three key benefits are:

  • It streamlines the way in which people ask questions, so you get to clearly define the problem to be solved, or it disappears
  • It provokes hundreds of ideas per hour to emerge, which greatly shortens the time needed to find new and useful solutions
  • It improves communication, teamwork and decision-making, establishing a common language, improving productivity and satisfaction within groups

PRIZM has been successfully used over 10 years by leading international companies such as BAE Systems ,  Bombardier, Boeing, Bank of New York Mellon, The National Australia Bank, Siemens, Intel, Google,  as well as NGOs such as Trinity College Dublin and World Vision, amongst others, to discover proven and patentable solutions with proven ROI’s of over 2800%

 “PRIZM shows that humans think systematically and that if we follow this pattern, we can find the best way to resolve problems and we can do it to find answers much more quickly” Dr. Anja-Karina Pahl – Creator of PRIZM

Roland Beck, our partner and facilitator of PRIZM, is a specialist in strategic implementation: helping international clients to discover what is the shape, structure, skills, competences and top team chemistry needed to succeed. He works with global clients to radically accelerate their innovation. He has an International track record and unique balance of skills – understanding of international and South African business environment.