Organisational levels for learning programs

All our learning modules are customised to the organisational & leadership level. Catalyst has developed a unique organisation levels framework (aligned to the leadership pipeline & levels of work), which we apply to the development of our programmes.

All our learning modules can be customised to the organisational specific context, competencies, level & duration required. Learning sessions are practical, relevant & highly interactive. We focus on sustainable change in mind-set, skills and behaviours. There is good blend of information sharing with personal reflection, assessments, practice sessions, case studies & identification of application opportunities back at work. Group learning & discussions are encouraged with feedback & coaching from the facilitators. Workbooks are provided with tools and activities for on-going learning supported with electronic versions.

Matrix of core learning programs at each organisational level

Each page has a matrix of relevant programmes to the core topic; the matrix provides a snapshot of the Programme, Description, Duration and Target Audience. Each programme has its own downloadable fact sheet with more details, just click on the Programme name for the download.