Graduate talent has become a critical talent pipeline for future talent and diversity in our organisations. We at Catalyst, who have extensive experience in the talent space across multiple talent pipelines and industries have been exploring how to create a new narrative around Graduate Recruitment and reinvigoration of the full Graduate to Talent Pipeline to address some of the challenges and opportunities that exist now and most likely in the future.

We will be exploring:

  • how to start the identification process earlier
  • how to redefine talent and how it is assessed to broaden the likelihood of success and overcome unconscious bias
  • how to include mobile, gamified assessments and engagement methods for more effective filtering
  • how to focus on whole person development for society as a whole utilising organisational resources for true development, not just funding
  • how to retain top talent or alumni talent through a range of creative talent practices

We would love to see the young talent experience as building an inclusive, skilled, sustainable pipeline of talent for the future of our country in which all can benefit. We are working closely with SAGEA on this and will be sharing our findings and recommendations to you all.

Ursula Fear who has extensive experience in this field through previous senior roles and Chomel Minnaar are leading this Catalyst initiative.

If you would like to be part of this initiative, please contact us.