Building a pipeline of future talent – Workforce planning in action  

There is a compelling case for Strategic Workforce Planning, more so now, than ever before. Many sectors experience critical shortages of essential talent, while others struggle to define the shape of the workforce they need in the midst of major and rapid change. Organisations are experiencing huge waves of change that crash over them continually, creating a VUCA world that is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

  • What are the strategic conversations that they need to hold regarding business direction?
  • How do organisations leverage their people effectively by matching high quality people with high impact assignments?
  • How do we use data effectively and how can it stay relevant and meaningful for our future?
  • How can we utilize historical data to predict future trends and what level of detail is required?
  • How do we link our findings back in to the strategic business imperatives so that there is alignment and common purpose that supports the Strategic Workforce Plan? 

Strategic Workforce Planning Definition

Strategic Workforce Planning is the process of taking stock of the current workforce, forecasting future workforce requirements and identifying gaps or issues.  Workforce Development relates to strategies and activities that bridge those gaps.
The Hays Group model Strategic Workforce Planning is around the 5 rights


There are a number of different models in the literature regarding the implementation of Strategic Workforce Planning. We believe that the most effective methodology in determining the successful organisation-wide Workforce Planning Strategy can be conducted using the following framework.

Strategic Workforce Planning Framework


Businesses cannot afford to continue to react to change and develop strategies to deal with their talent when it is too late. We need to use our data effectively and plan the different business scenarios with greater insight and clarity around leveraging our talent more effectively. Many of the strategic interventions take time to build the depth required – businesses need to see this as a process rather than as an event.

By considering the Workforce Plan around the Right Size, Right Shape, Right Skills and Right Cost, businesses will have greater agility and have greater change-readiness which will result in a greater degree of economic certainty. A Strategic Workforce Plan, aligned with Talent Management works because it minimizes surprises.

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