Are your managers and HR team change ready and change resilient?

This year seems to have taken off at full-speed with most people I know juggling multiple demands and trying their utmost to prioritise daily or often hourly. It is becoming more and more difficult to find a healthy work-life balance, with many people running ragged, working on transformation projects and simultaneously doing their day jobs.

We fall into bed at night just to get up onto the treadmill again tomorrow, knowing that balls will be dropped, someone will get ticked off, and we just can’t get it all right. This is the VUCA world that is throwing relentless changes at us every day. Change in strategy, leaders, team members, clients, processes, technology, rewards, and expectations. This can be a very exciting time of change and growth, but it can also be a really scary time living on the edge of anxiety. The likelihood of the rate of change slowing is unlikely, therefore we need to look to mind-sets and skills that will help us adapt and learn to thrive no matter what is thrown our way.

As leaders and HR professionals we need to be ahead of the pack and leading the change and being the role models for change resilience. We have just facilitated a 2 day change leadership and resilience program for an HR team that is reeling from extensive change in their environment. Objectives included:
• Understand the neuroscience of change
• Realise the importance of building resilience to change
• Understand change management process and tools across 5 phases of change:      Imperatives, Stakeholders, Capacity, Mobilisation, and Sustaining
• How to partner with line management to help them build and implement their    own change journey
• Explore skills to influence others through change

It was really fulfilling to hear the insights and comments from the team after the session e.g. inspirational, empowering, and exciting, I have my toolkit, I can’t wait to practice this at home, etc.

Don’t wait until change has you or your team tied up in knots, and losing productivity and engagement. Be proactive and give your leaders and HR teams to skills and tools to empower themselves navigate their own change journeys and be a partner in leading other through theirs.

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