We were recently privileged to speak at the L&D COP (center of practice) conference with the theme of Gamification. We shared some practical gamification applications such as how we gamified the Accelerated Learning books and workshops, our umu mobile engagement tool and our SimTalent Boardgame for building skill in managing talent effectively. During the session we did a umu pulse on how the +100 people in the audience were experiencing gamification in the world of learning. Questions included:

  • What gamification mechanics are you regularly using in your learning programs?
  • Which intrinsic motivators do you regularly structure into your learning design?
  • How would you rate your current level of competence in gamification?
  • How do you feel about the value of gamification in enhancing engagement and learning in the workplace?

The results are shared below from our umu mobile engagement tool (www.umu.com).

Click on the image to enlarge it for better viewing.





Umu is an amazing new interactive and intuitive mobile snap survey tool. People love the easy access, single pin, immediate feedback and colourful diverse of presenting the data, never mind the games and other features.  With just a click of a button, views, ideas and feedback can be shared on screen, giving people the opportunity to gain insight of not only their own views and opinions, but also that of others.

For more information on gamification, accelerated learning, SimTalent or umu contact steve@catalystconsulting.co.za

You can also visit our site to view umu and other exciting tools at http://www.catalystconsulting.co.za/resources/other-tools/