Catalyst was appointed by TFG to facilitate I am Talent Workshops as part of their Learning Academy. The objective of these sessions was to empower employees to optimize their own talent and potential in order to achieve their personal and career aspirations in today’s world of work.

The workshops comprised of a blend of information sharing with personal reflection, assessments, practice sessions, case studies and identification of application opportunities back at work. Through this customized approach we were able to focus on sustainable change in mind-set, skills and behaviours.


The workshop was designed to assist Retail Managers to answer the following questions for themselves:

  • What are the drivers in the world of work? What are my options to create value?
  • How can I find out who I am, what I want and how to optimize my personal effectiveness for a fulfilling life?
  • What are organisations looking for when they search for talent?
  • How can I build my distinctive value and personal brand?
  • How can I maximize my performance?
  • How can I fast-track my development?
  • What competencies are core to becoming the best I can be?
  • How can I make the best career choices and make the most of transitions?


The resounding positive feedback revealed that these workshops have optimized Retail Managers’ ability to optimize their potential and achieve their personal and career aspirations by understanding themselves, the world of work and their distinctiveness to make a difference. We have been requested to facilitate a number of additional sessions and look forward to empowering more people to unlock their potential.