On the Dot identified the need to realign their HR strategy and energize their HR team. Catalyst developed and implemented a process to:

  • Drive and improve HR team engagement;
  • energize the team towards future strategy;
  • Reignite the team’s passion to succeed;
  • Reinforce values and leadership behaviours and a culture of accountability; and
  • Encourage cross-team collaboration.

Using a combination of strategy techniques and frameworks, the team co-created a new HR Strategic Framework to map their future journey, build scorecards and project plans to anchor their strategy into meaningful work that encourages and drives accountability.

Using accelerated learning and gamification methodology we took the team through a creative journey of actualising their team’s true potential by designing a learning process that allowed them to:

  • Engage with self: Creating awareness of extraordinary possibilities, change readiness and mind-sets for growing self.
  • Engage with others: Engage meaningfully with others to achieve positive results and appreciate others strengths and the role they play in the team.
  • Engage your team: Contribute purposefully to the Company’s community to create a great place to work.

Highlights of this dynamic process was that it:

  • Created a paradigm shift to tackle change and extraordinary goals;
  • Revealed people’s own change readiness and how to build this and stay focused;
  • Provided an opportunity for self-insight and feedback from others that included strengths, de-railers, and a contribution to the team;
  • Created a space to practice reflection and conversation skills to build relationships;
  • Identified people’s influence, impact and brand on key stakeholders;
  • Showed how each person could contribute to the community and culture; and

Build team spirit, cohesion and focus on performance in driving HR and Business Objectives.