Earlier this year we facilitated a strategic and leadership alignment session for 40 of the senior leaders in the Paramount Group to assess both the external and internal environment and develop strategic plans to respond proactively to these trends, threats, risks and opportunities. We adapted a strategic conversation approach from The Fox Trilogy and used some of the tools from the Balanced Scorecard with 3 key phases   – see below.



These phases ultimately resulted in a strategic purpose, intent, strategy maps, scorecards and strategic projects and a regular review process to continuously adapt the the volatile world. These intents and priorities were then cascaded down into strategy preparation and workshops for each of the core divisions to ensure focus and alignment across the group, and identification of areas where cross divisional opportunities and resources could be leveraged.

The objectives of these 2 day workshops were as follows:

  • Explore impact and benefits of effective strategic thinking and planning
  • Unpack the current and potential future business context, rules, uncertainties, scenarios and options
  • Build a collaborative integrated culture for unleashing synergies and opportunities
  • Stimulate different perspectives and paradigms to enable innovation and change
  • Understand and apply a consistent approach and tools to continue the strategic planning process
  • Work as a team to build a sustainable successful group of businesses

For each phase of planning, a large strategy chart was prepared for each team to visually see the key elements and to identify key areas to explore or decide. This was found very useful as a visual reminder and tracking mechanism.


The predominant feedback was that it was good to establish a common language and effective yet simple tools, to work together and collaborate as one company and one leadership group and have a clear plan of action that could inform strategic and operational planning and budgeting going forward.

We look forward to continued work with organisation capability initiatives in developing the appropriate culture and leadership style, identifying and developing skills and key talent and ensuring strategic review sessions are held to keep the focus and adapt as needed.